Saturday, July 11, 2009

My first wedding experience....

So today was the day of my very first wedding. I was an assistant to a super awesome photographer which made for a super awesome day;) I had the pleasure of hanging with the men for the morning,got some cool pictures then headed to the ceremony..with a couple of them.;) I have posted some pictures from the "getting ready" stage. I am actually quite surprised that I had the energy to edit these...I can't believe how tired I am!!lol. I am hoping to post a few others in the next couple of days;I just wanted to try and get a few up tonight!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Stop and smell the..

No idea what these flowers are called. My parents come over often and praise my garden;I accept this praise..even though I haven't done much. I planted this plant about 3 years ago and to my surprise it blooms this sweet smelling flower. So last night Emma and I were out in the yard,I decided to cut the flowers to give myself a beautiful bouquet in my kitchen. (FYI these flowers are pretty BUT ants seem to enjoy them as well)Well, Emma HAD to hold them and asked me to take her picture while holding them. She posed,she jumped up and down,she spun around all while demanding I take her "like this mommy" What have I created?lol.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I have found a new love....

I have found something comparable to eating chocolate!! Maternity shoots!! Seriously, I love,love,love doing them! Granted this is only numero 2 for me but for some reason I really enjoy it. So all you pregnant ladies out there...lets get out there and take some pictures!!!

J and S were super fun to hang out with! J is super beautiful! Thank you for letting me capture this special time in your life!! I found it hard to just pick a couple to post,actually I wish I could have put the entire set up. Enjoy!

Okay,seriously...this time..

My post before the "Beautiful family" was April!!! How bad is that?! For some unknown reason I am finding it super hard to keep this updated. I think that I get myself so busy that I forget? Ok, bad excuse. I have no Well, maybe its because I feel like I am talking to myself...and Koren!lol. So if you visit...leave me some love..or a comment would be nice..even a hello;)
I will try (again) to keep this updated!!
Stay tuned....things will be the next few weeks...*duh,duh,duh,dun*

Beautiful family....

I got to spend the morning with this amazing family! I met J in my mom's group and was super excited to do pictures for her. She has a beautiful yard! Beautiful family! And her husband has a cool you still have it J?
Thanks for a great day!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Baby bump!

Yes, I am

I was super excited to do a maternity shoot!! J was stunning!! A very beautiful belly!!I had a great time and really enjoyed editing! Big sis was more interested in playing toys but I did get a few really nice ones of her:)
Good luck J and family!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Its Spring!!!

My hubby and I decided to take a walk tonight....for once I remembered my camera!! These are just a few pictures I took tonight of my princess Emma:)
I am sooo in my element outside!!! Hurry up summer!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

After some thought....

So after a couple months of some serious thinking I have decided I am raising my prices. It has taken me weeks to get the nerve to write this but after talking with many clients and friends I have decided that I need to do this. I look back at some of my pictures from a year ago and feel like I have learned so much and am starting to grow as a photographer:)
Thank you all for your support!! And I look forward to capturing those special moments for you!!!


Monday, March 30, 2009

The "R" Family....

A beautiful family to say the least:)
Little "E" is a super big sister...loves baby "I" so much:) I had a great time! I had so much fun with such a little baby!!! I FINALLY got to use my wood plate thingy!! YAY!! And I am super happy with how it turned out:)
Enjoy "R" family!!!
(hope you sleep better now "T"..hahaha)

Baby "B"

Holy cow...LOOK at this cutie patootie!!!!
Such a handsome little man:) I love the picture of him on his belly smiling at me....seriously...could that be any cuter???
Enjoy "T"...thanks for driving all this way!! It was great to meet you!!!


Cousins!!!! These two sweet girls were a blast. They came all the way from the southern U.S!! And southern Alberta!! I had a fun time taking their pictures and catching up with baby "E's" mom:)
Hope you enjoy them!!!

Baby "I"

Such a cute baby!!! She was my second baby to photograph since my break....and it was so fun!! Babies like baby "I" are the reason I do this:) She is super sweet and full of personality...she didn't fuss once. I hope you enjoy them momma "I" !! LOL....and let me know when you are starting to sell your prints !!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Just some pictures...

I have been slacking again!!! I have alot to catch up on but just wanted to post a few pictures I took at a birthday party I went to....some great friends of ours:)

I promise there will be more to follow!!

Just some pictures....

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Baby Brady...

Its that time again!!
I have known Brady's mom since I was 7! So it was super awesome to be there in his first week:) Such a precious much fun to take pictures of. And I love that mom and dad knew what they wanted..OILERS!lol. I hope you are happy with them..I had alot of fun with this shoot!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I Love Birthdays!

This weekend was super special..not just because of Valentines Day but my grandma turned 85!!
It was a super awesome day today and I am so happy that most of my family was there to celebrate with her:)
I wanted to post a picture of the cake my aunt is super amazing!! It is a basket of yarn....hand-made out of fondant...she always does an awesome job on her cakes (she does the wedding cakes for the nieces and nephews in the family) and thought I would share her "art" with you!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Updated Picasa

I have updated my clients albums if you would like to take a peeksy:)
Took me long enough!lol

Just some pictures....

I haven't picked up my camera much in the last couple of months.....and I know in my previous post I said I was going to do the 365 project,but I have come to realize I don't want to.LOL. So! my new goal is just to start taking pictures again...easy enough. Here a a few that I took of sweet Emma the other day...and the last one is a friend of hers...for some reason I love it..even though it isn't super clear..... I love it!!